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Shirley Amatsakio

Tai Chi Qigong

I am a qualified Tai Chi Qigong (pronounced: Tai Chi Chi Kung) instructor.
At the Haelan Clinic I deliver the 'Shibashi 18' form in the Upper Studio. 

'Shibashi' means 18 movements in Chinese, and is an art integrating mindful movements, (self-)healing, and breathing techniques. The 18 moves are based on ancient Tai Chi and Qigong practices. Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial Arts form, and Qigong means circulating life force or energy which forms the basis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tai Chi and Qigong are forms of Meditation.

Regularly practising 'Shibashi' Tai Chi Qigong is a form of self-care: looking after your health, wellness, and wellbeing. 'Shibashi 18' helps you to improve your body posture and functions of your internal organs; focus your attention; ease your breathing; develop stamina; loosen your muscles; become more aware of yourself; enhance your energy levels. You will feel less tense and stressful.

My aim is to show you the form, so you can practise at home and make 'Shibashi 18' part of your lifestyle and making mindful movements a healthy habit. You receive resources to practise at your own pace, in your own time after each session, course or workshop.


10 sessions of 10 hours in total for £100 and drop-in sessions (former students) for £15 per session. Early bird discount of 10% (you pay £90).
Start date: please go to the website below for more information.
Get in touch for details about upcoming Tai Chi Qigong classes with Qigong London:
Mobile 0797 1061 763

Hypnotherapy and Soul Plan Reading Sessions

Hypnotherapist London, Transform in Tranquillity
Overcome your fears and anxiety, build your self-esteem and self-confidence or manage your stress with hypnotherapy.
With hypnotherapy techniques, I guide you to a calm state and suggest ways to change your perspective so you can change and feel confident, good about yourself, and relaxed.
You can book 1 to 4 sessions. You pay £75 for a one-hour session. When you book a block of 4 sessions, you pay £275.

Get in touch for more information:
Mobile 0797 1061 763
Facebook @transformintranquility

Soul Plan in North London. Become the real you: Connect, Accept, Change.
If you come to a point in your life wherein you question what direction to choose in your life, a Soul Plan Reading Session can help to understand yourself at a deeper level. 

The Soul Plan system, based on an old Hebrew script and developed by Frank Alper, uses your original birth name. 
Your name vibrates sounds and energies into this world. Each letter has a value. I visualise these energies and values for you and I explain them in Reading Sessions.

You can compare the visualisation of your Soul Plan, the energies you bring out into this world, as your life-map. In explaining your life-map you may recognise what you are good at, identify difficulties you may have experienced or still experience and what you urge to accomplish. 
The Soul Plan system extended for use in therapeutic settings is further developed by Blue Marsden, psychotherapist and Hay House author (Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose).

You can choose for a Soul Plan Reading Session, a Soul Plan Relationship Reading Session, a Soul Plan Parent Reading Session or a Soul Plan Baby Name Reading Session. The Soul Plan Reading Session lasts for an hour and you pay £100; the rest of the Readings last 1.5 hour and you pay £150.


Get in touch for more information:
Mobile 0797 1061 763
Facebook @soulplaninnorthlondon

When you are interested in becoming a Soul Plan Practitioner yourself, please get in touch. I will be running Soul Plan Practitioner Courses later in 2020. Dates will be confirmed on the website.

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