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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Clinic & Dispensary

Opening times: Mondays 9am - 5pm & Thursdays 4pm - 8pm


We now offer full consultations for chronic and other medical conditions that cannot be addressed in a mini consultation.


Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of medical practice. Western herbal medicine has its philosophical roots in the Greek and Latin traditions. The traditional knowledge of the use of herbs have been passed on through herbals written by philosophers and major herbal experts such as Culpepper, Avicenna or Hildegard of Bingen. Nowadays western medical herbalists incorporate the latest scientific research of how herbal extracts interact with our bodies at a molecular level, together with traditional philosophies. In this way they are able to create herbal blends specifically formulated for the needs of the individual patient.



The First Consultation

In the first consultation of one hour, the medical herbalist finds out about your constitution, your lifestyle and diet. If necessary a physical examination will be carried out. You will also be asked about all supplements and medications you are taking. The herbalist will then make a diagnosis and will blend different herbs in the form of a tincture specifically formulated for your needs. All possible interactions between the herbal treatment and your prescribed medication are taken into account. If appropriate a herbal tea or external applications in the form of creams, oil or baths will be suggested as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. Where necessary, further testing and an appointment with your GP will be recommended.

The Follow up

After the first consultation, you will need to see the herbalist about once every one to two months, depending on the condition. In the 30 minutes follow up consultation the herbalist checks progress and where necessary she/he amends the prescription as needed. The length of the treatment may vary according to the individual circumstances. It generally takes one month of herbal treatment per year of illness.



You can still book for a mini consultation with our herbalists to address minor health issues such as coughs and colds, mild eczema, mild hayfever, travelling gut disorders, mild stress or for a general health tonic. If in doubt please ask the herbalist which consultation suits you best.

To book an appointment with our Medical Herbalists please call: 020 8340 4258 extension 3 (during Dispensary opening hours) or email at any other time


We stock about 90 different herbal tinctures, mostly from england and europe, but we also have some indian, chinese and american plants. Wherever possible - approx 85% - our herbal tinctures are made from herbs organically grown or wild harvested in England and from organic alcohol. To make herbal tinctures, herbs are macerated in a mixture of alcohol and water for a set amount of times and them strained. Some of the active compounds, such as alkaloid and hormonal modulating compounds, dissolve better in alcohol, therefore tincture can be more active than herbal teas. 


The base creams of the Haelan Dispensary are made in small batches by a herbalist in Suffolk. She uses fresh herbs and natural ingredients and the least possible amount of preservatives (some preservatives are needed as creams without them would not last longer than a few days). Base creams are mixed with essential oils and tinctures by the medical herbalists to suit the needs of the individual.


All our medical herbalists are qualified and have experience in supporting a wide range of conditions. You can pop in for mini consultation for acute ailments such as common colds, infections, skin issues, IBS, hayfever, menopause among many others. In the full consultation they can develop a complementary health treatment plan to support people with chronic conditions such as those affecting the endocrine, metabolic and nervous systems as well as for digestive, respiratory, skin and cardiovascular problems.

Current Medical Herbalists at the Haelan Centre are Sophia Forrester & Abi Akinola

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