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This part of the website is about where we come from. We feel this is an important section as where we come from has a great bearing on where we are going. In this part of the site we pay homage to those individuals who founded and influenced the Haelan Centre, and what it stands for.

The History of the Haelan Centre
Many of our long-standing customers remember the shop when it was around the corner in Park Road. Here is a potted history of how the Haelan Centre grew into what it is today. 

Wholefood and Ethical Policy
The former owner, Nino Booth, always maintained that produce sold in the shop meet his strict wholefood and ethical standards. We believe that our efforts to follow this policy, sets our shop apart from the rest. It means that as a customer, you know that you are buying products of the highest quality, with the most wholesome and healthful ingredients. Such guidelines are becoming increasingly important as many mainstream companies jump on the organic bandwagon in an attempt to cash in on the growing demand for a healthier alternative. 

Nino Booth, former owner of the Haelan Centre 
This part of the site is dedicated to Nino Booth the former owner and co-founder of the Haelan Centre. Find out about the life and work of this remarkable wholefood pioneer.

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