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Rose Saltiel

Somatic Yoga & Sound - Tarot & Astrology - Yoga Workshops & Sound Baths

I am a passionate & experienced Somatic Yoga teacher, Yoga Therapist, Sound Healer, Astrologer and Tarot Reader with over 7 years teaching experience, over 10 years’ experience as a reader and multiple trainings under my belt. My journey with my own spiritual and wellness practice over the past two decades has led me to combine Psychoanalytic Theory, Somatics, Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing with Astrology & Tarot in my work. In line with the seasons and lunar cycles, I offer bespoke practices designed to cultivate deeper connection with self through uniting body, mind & spirit.

Intentionally curated, my classes aim to create space in the mind & body by transmuting stuck energy through ritual, movement & meditation; initiating transformation within & without by bringing the shadows to light and creating greater awareness of our place in wider social contexts.

I am trained in various Eastern & Western healing modalities that I weave into my teachings including a Masters in Psychoanalysis and Society; training in Somatic Trauma Therapy; energy work; Traditional and Modern Yoga & Meditation styles (including Yoga Nidra); & Sound Healing. My Yoga classes fuse different styles and range from uplifting, dynamic & energising to nourishing, restorative & restful.

My training in Yoga and Psychoanalysis contributes to the perspective I use to analyse Astrology and Tarot readings which are designed to help you shift emotional, energetic and mental blocks in your life - how do these energies play out in your life and in your body? To find out more about the practices I offer, you can visit my website:

You can book me for 1:1 sessions, private groups or workshops or join me for my weekly classes at the Haelan Centre which will be Flow to Yin and Sound. Weekly classes: Fridays 6-7:15pm - £15 drop in, £60 for 5 class pass to be used within two months.

Tarot & Astrology Readings:

One-to-one sessions designed to support you with shifting mental blocks and discovering your unique gifts and talents.

Prices upon request (write-up notes included)

1:1 Somatic Yoga & Sound:

Tailored one-on-one Yoga Therapy. Receive a personalised yoga plan aligned with your physical and mental wellness goals, along with guided sessions.

Prices upon request (price will vary, dependent on what is required, 1 month min. suggested)

Yoga workshops and Sound baths:

Participate in specialised workshops focused on diverse wellness aspects, such as seasonal and lunar based Yoga practices, Chakra focus, Somatic Yin etc.
Sessions 75 minutes each, prices upon request.

(1:1 or group)*

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