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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes are a great way to take time out to nurture yourself and bond with your unborn baby (or babies). Yoga can enhance your experience of pregnancy and help to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for birth and motherhood. Benefits include keeping the body strong and supple without straining, boosting energy, relieving some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy (swollen joints, back and pelvic pain, shortness of breath, heartburn, constipation etc), alleviating stress and anxiety, balancing the emotions, promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep, and helping to manage anxiety and pain during labour and childbirth. The classes include specially adapted asana (posture) practices for pregnancy, breath work, visualisation and deep guided relaxation. You will learn how to work safely with the body during and after pregnancy and you will learn movement, breath and relaxation techniques which are invaluable for labour, whichever type of birth you choose. There will be open discussion of topics such as birth physiology, what to expect in labour, birth choices and how to use active birth and relaxation techniques to support the birth process. Classes are also a great opportunity to make new friendships with other women in your local community who are embarking on the journey of motherhood.

Classes should leave you feeling energised, centred, connected, informed and relaxed. They are gentle, safe and supportive, suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy to birth, and you don't need to have practised yoga before. 

We currently do not have a teacher for pregnancy classes. If you are interested in running a pregnancy yoga class at the Haelan Centre please email us:

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