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Low Calorie Salad

Organic and Wholefood Produce

This section of the site is about the downstairs part of the Haelan Centre where we sell organic and wholefood. We have a wide selection of:


  • Organic fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Cereals; grains; flakes; flour; pasta; breads and breakfast foods

  • Nuts; seeds and dried fruit 

  • Pulses and seaweeds

  • Sweet spreads; sweeteners and savoury spreads 

  • Juices; milk alternatives; cordials; and carbonated drinks 

  • Take away foods 

  • Convenience foods 

  • Condiments 

  • Dairy products

  • Organic baby foods and formulas

  • Cakes; biscuits and chocolate

The Organic and Wholefood Produce section has these pages: 

Eating for Health
Tips on how to eat to look after your digestion; how to cut down on foods such as dairy produce and wheat and suggestions for using a wider variety of whole foods.


Soya and Health
Information about the advantages and disadvantages of eating soya products.

Food Sources of Calcium
Consult our table to find the best wholefood sources of calcium. 

Genetically Modified Foods
What is genetic engineering? What is wrong with it? How can you avoid food containing genetically modified ingredients?

Gluten Free Diet
Explains the difference between gluten intolerance and wheat sensitivity. What food should celiacs avoid?

This page contains some wholefood recipe ideas. If you have a favourite whole food recipe, why not e-mail us and share it with our visitors?

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