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Melissa Softley

Somatic Movement and Therapeutic Yoga

I have been training in Somatic Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley and faculty since 2015 and am in the final process of completing the IBMT diploma. (Jan 2022) and currently hold Cert (IBMT) Developmental Somatic Psychology and a student membership with ISMETA stating my adherence to their codes of ethics.

I am a trained educator and have taught Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology to bodyworkers for a decade. I teach with a passion for the wisdom, intelligence, and poetry of the human body. I have developed workshops and CPDs integrating classical and contemporary understandings of the human body with our embodied experience.

With a background of 20 years experience teaching yoga, and movement, many disciplines weave together and inform my work, including Scaravelli Yoga, Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais and Body Mind Centering®.

Somatic Movement

Somatic movement is a multi-modality therapy that can support a client's unfolding and emergent process through therapeutic presence, bodywork and movement, trusting and following the inherent wisdom of the bodymind and its drive to return to wholeness and health.

Clients are supported and guided through embodied expression that may be physical, emotional, psychological, or energetic and can be facilitated in a co-creative exploration of movement patterning, re-patterning, embodied anatomy and relational touch.

My practice is informed by my training in Therapeutic Presence, Touch Re-patterning, Developmental Movement, Embodied Anatomy and Somatic Psychology. Practices include understandings of contemporary neurobiology and traumatic stress and how this may be held and expressed through our body patterns and tissues.

My practice is held by the guidance I have received in my twenty-year personal process-oriented practice and by my practice in the discipline of Authentic Movement.

Therapeutic Yoga

I have facilitated Therapeutic Yoga practice to support many experiences of dis-ease or disruption to the body. This may be muscular, skeletal, developmental, systemic, or progressive and may be approached through working with movement patterns, strengthening or releasing and alignment practices. Or simply through facilitating awareness through touch, the breath and letting go of deeply held unconscious patterns to allow the body innate capacity to reorganise.

My knowledge of Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology and the human bodymind enables me to have an informed understanding in working with a range of condition and adapting beneficial movement and awareness practices for all experiences of health, wellness and mobility. In my work I connect with the whole person to re-establish and restore this fundamental connection to health.

Somatic Movement, Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga 

Charges £75 /hour. 10% discount introductory offer.

Concessions available

For more information on these practices please see my website or contact me to discuss.

07815 624 368

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