Mark Skivington

Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Massage / Hot & Cold Stone Massage


Mark is a Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist, with almost ten years experience in providing Pre Event, Post Event and Maintenance Massage to athletes and fun runners for all events and levels.

Mark uses his experience of having ran several marathons himself, including London Marathon three times, to help people prepare for events, or even just address discrepancies and manage injury prevention caused during gym or exercise sessions or even daily life. Mark is also a qualified Personal Trainer.

Mark has a passion for helping people to unlock their potential, and can help with tight knotted shoulders and aching back pain, freeing you up for greater flexibility in your life all around. The main benefit of sports massage is that it improves muscle flexibility, blood circulation and reduces swelling, aids the prevention of sports injuries and assists the body with recovery and repair after sports injuries have been sustained.

Mark also provides Hot and Cold Stone massage, combining alternating hot and cold stones to assist and support every cell in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients, moves lymph and thereby encourages a more effective removal of toxins. Blood vessels will rise to the surface and dilate when the hot stone is applied and then vessels will constrict and move blood back to the inner core muscles when cold is applied. The opening and closing of the blood vessels causes a pumping action within the circulatory system which brings in more blood to the lungs and heart. It is pretty much a vascular gymnastics for the body. It allows the body to achieve the same level of relaxation and rejuvenation as going to a sauna and jumping in the plunge pool but with the benefit of a massage included.

Contact Mark to book - 07985 585587 or email. Cancellations require 24 hours notice or a fee will be charged.