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Kirsty Himpfen-Jones


Classes on Thursdays 10am-11am & Saturdays 9am-11.15am

Kirsty founded Spring Pilates after training with APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute) as a Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor; following a personal experience with a back injury that led her to the magic of Pilates and its ability to align the body.


Spring Pilates is built on this first-hand experience of how powerful Pilates practise can be. Kirsty is dedicated to helping clients improve their movement patterns to prevent pain, improve strength and rehabilitate injuries. Kirsty appreciates the subtlety and detail of Pilates movements and is a passionate and precise teacher. It is also her belief that Pilates should be fun!


Group classes are held weekly at The Haelan Centre, Crouch End and individual reformer sessions are held at Kirsty's private studio at Alexandra Palace.


Kirsty holds further qualifications in Pilates for pre and post natal clients, older adults, exercise referral (NHS recognised) and treating lower back pain.


For more information please visit or call 07818438614


Spring Pilates classes use a range of Pilates small equipment and aim to look at the body holistically. Expect each session to be different, as week on week we work together to improve strength, balance and posture. Spring Pilates focuses on functional movement, allowing clients to see how their Pilates practice can improve their body's movement in everyday life.

Classes are never more than 9 people, this allows each person to receive the individual attention they need to get the most from their weekly practice. You will always be given options in class and you will never be asked to work beyond your body's limits.

Regularity and consistency yields the best results and it is recommended to attend weekly. Expect a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where you will be challenged to work hard, some laughter and an hour of fun!

Classes are sold in blocks of 12 or 8 and are valid for 3 months.

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