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Feldenkrais Technique

Developed by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-84), an eminent physicist who also helped introduce Judo to Europe, The Feldenkrais Method is beginning to find its place as one of the most effective methods in the field of movement and body/mind or ‘somatic’ learning. Already well established in Germany, Israel and the US, it has become best known in areas of the dance, music and performing worlds in the UK. However, its extraordinary possibilities are starting to be recognised far more widely now. 

The method works by helping you become aware of what you actually do. For example: if a friend sees you coming down the road, they will recognise you from your walk before they can see your face: everyone’s walk is unique – like their handwriting. Interlace your fingers. And then try interlacing them the other way, with the other thumb on top. How does it feel? 

We all have our own way of doing things that feels familiar, that feels ‘right: that we can say feels somehow ‘like me’ - even if we aren’t clear exactly what that is. Some of these patterns and habits will serve us well and some will not. Some will limit us in what we want to do and some may eventually cause discomfort or even injury and pain. 

Moshe Feldenkrais created thousands of clear, accessible movement classes involving gentle movements, carefully crafted to help the participant explore their own particular habits in movement and ‘posture’. Based on sound neurological principles, the classes help the participant become aware of their patterns and in the process open up new possibilities so they can do what they want in life more easily, comfortably, efficiently, gracefully – with less effort, pain and strain. The individual Feldenkrais sessions have the same aim as the classes, but the practitioner mainly uses touch to enable the client (or student) explore movement related to specific interests or difficulties. 

"When you know what you do, you can do what you want." 
Moshe Feldenkrais

Victoria Worsley offers holds Feldenkrais classes and Workshops at the Haelan Centre (individual appointments are available contact Victoria). 

To book an appointment please contact Victoria directly on 07711 088 765. Please note that 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or a fee may be charged.

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