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Dean James Dip CHM, Dip CHM L7, Dip Ac, MAcS, M. FTCMP

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced for over 2,000 years. 

In the classical, TCM model, the natural world, its changes and transformations, are corresponded to the human body and mind. We are part of Nature, just as herbs and plants, and Traditional Herbal Medicine follows nature, using natural remedies to restore balance, harmony and flow, and to replenish, support and promote healing and wellbeing.

Many conditions are seen in TCM, including Long Covid, Arthritis, Oedema, Skin Conditions like Psoriasis, ME, Fatigue, Digestive issues, Migraine, Headache, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Genitourinary and Gynaecological imbalance, Diabetes, Back-pain, Musculo-Skeletal issues, Respiratory conditions like Cough, and Viruses, and general Health and Well-being.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the first therapy offered. Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture are stand alone therapies, or can be combined, to be mutually reinforcing. Zhu Danxi, a famous Chinese Doctor in the Yuan Dynasty (1282–1358) and Founder of the Yin Nourishing School, wrote that all disease is caused by 'movement', meaning the natural cycles and their flow have become imbalanced, and disrupted, then manifest in disharmony. 

Acupuncture too, restores flow and balance. The second therapy offered is Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, which may be augmented by, or at times comprise, micro-systems, including Auricular, Scalp and Abdominal, also known as Sacred Turtle, Acupuncture; and I-Ching based Acupuncture.  

Dean attended the Fook Sang Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Practitioners College UK in the 1980s, over 3 years. He returned to TCM in 2018, gaining 3-year Diplomas in TCM Acupuncture and micro-systems and Herbal Medicine at the College of Chinese Medicine and a Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine, from the Phoenix Academy. He undertakes continuing professional development, such as the Shanghai University short program for Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Phoenix Academy Advanced Herbal CPD Program on the Golden Chamber Synopsis, a Ham Dynasty Herbal Medicine Classic. He has special interests in traditional Oriental Food Theory, Tai Chi and Daoyin.
He is a member of the Acupuncture Society and the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners.  

Consultations & Pricing

The initial consultation will discuss and agree the treatment options, following TCM diagnosis, and include the first herbal prescription, which will be posted to the client the next day. It may include acupuncture, if that is the plan.

Follow-on consultations are to check on progress, adjust the herbal prescription as necessary, and continue Acupuncture, if that is part of the plan.

Initial Consultations are £60, plus cost of herbs. Herbs for one week will initially be prescribed. Acupuncture may be included. All 75 minutes.  

Follow-on consultations for herbal treatments are £50, plus cost of herbs. At this point herbs may be supplied for longer, i.e. two weeks, to a maximum of 4 weeks, depending on the condition. Allow 45 minutes.

Follow on consultations for Chinese Herbal Medicine plus Acupuncture treatment is £70, plus the cost of herbs. Allow 75 minutes.  At this point herbs may be supplied for longer i.e. two weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks, depending on the condition.  

The cost of herbs is £30 for a week's supply, which includes package and postage to a client's home address.

The herbs from the TCM dispensary are sourced from a highly reputable provider and are authentic, high quality and have validated Certificates of Analysis. On occasion, Herbal Dietary Supplements, in tablets, may be provided as an alternative, and comprise classical formulas. The cost of these is £15 for a week's supply.

The costs of consultations and the herbs will be payable at the end of the consultation. Payments can be by cash or by cheque. Regrettably credit and debit cards are not accepted. Concessions apply, please enquire.

Appointments or requests for further information

To make an appointment or to have a chat, please contact Dean directly on 07901 891846 or email to

How long will treatment last? If the condition is recent, then treatment is quicker. Classically this was called a 'near' disease in TCM. If the condition(s) is-are longer standing, classically a 'distant' disease in TCM, it takes longer. This will be discussed at the initial consultation.

Workshops on the Tao of Health and Wellbeing and on specific Health Conditions

Dean is planning to run workshops on the Tao, or the classical 'Way', of Health and Wellbeing, at the Haelan Centre. These are based on the classics, starting with the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, 'The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic' (c.200 CE) and classics from later Dynasties in China, such as the Tao Hongjing's (456–536 CE), the Taoist Polymath, who compiled 'The Divine Farmer', a herbal Materia Medica.    

There are two types of workshops. One type is on specific conditions e.g. Arthritis, to provide a TCM understanding of the condition, the TCM diagnoses and patterns, and self-help that individuals may undertake. The other is on the Tao of Health and Wellbeing generally, and how individuals can apply it for themselves.

These cover main precepts of classical TCM, and practical application, to lifestyle, exercise, mindfulness, diet and traditional food-herb supplements.     

If you are interested in these, and wish to be kept posted on forthcoming workshops, please get in touch.

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