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Amabel Booth BSc (Hons) ANutr

Nutrition / Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Testing

Amabel has had a passion for Nutrition for many years, as one of the owners of the Haelan Centre she has been working with organic and wholefoods for the whole of her adult life! She graduated from the University of Westminster with first class honours in 2021 and is fully registered with the Association for Nutrition.


Amabel practices on an ad hoc basis and offers the following appointments:

Full Dietary Assessment: 90mins £165 (£150 concessions)
Includes dietary analysis, diet & lifestyle recommendations, food swaps, 3-day meal plan. 
Covers: General health analysis, Diabetes Type II management, IBS (severe), Diet changes (e.g. moving to a plant-based/vegan diet), Weight Loss/Gain Regime.


Specific Conditions: 60 mins £120 (£100 concessions)
Includes diet & lifestyle recommendations, food swaps, sample meal plan.
Covers: skin problems, constipation/bloating/diarrhoea, hypertension, high cholesterol, IBS (mild-moderate), urinary problems, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain.


Follow Ups: 30 mins £75 (£65 concessions)
Assessment of changes made in prior appointments with a check in to see how the client is getting on and any adjustments required. 
Also covers Food Allergy Testing analysis & recommendations including food swaps & a sample meal plan.


Extra Meal Plans: 7 days (21 meals) £35 / 14 days (42 meals) £65 


Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Testing:
Various tests available, pricing starts from £119 - please email for more information. Tests take approximately 15 minutes to carry out via finger-prick blood sampling, results take approximately 10-14 working days to be returned from the lab.



For more information or to book an appointment please contact Amabel via email or telephone (WhatsApp or call) 07795 434 278.

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