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Abi Brazil

Reflexology / Relexology Lymphatic Drainage

practices at the Haelan Clinic on the 4th Thursday of the month

I am a Clinical Reflexologist, holding a Level 5 Mastership in Reflexology, the highest qualification available in the UK today and am passionate about the healing power of reflexology. As a Clinical Reflexologist, I am trained to work with medical conditions, helping relieve symptoms of many ailments, as well as improve overall feelings of wellbeing. 

Reflexology is excellent for both promoting and maintaining good health.  Treatments can not only help with specific symptoms but having regular treatments can ensure that the body continues to sustain optimum health.  Reflexology helps to boost circulation, eliminate toxins, improve the central nervous system and immune system, reduce pain and promote better sleep.  

Clients come to me for help with a wide variety of issues including anxiety, depression, headaches, digestive issues, back pain, immune issues, hormonal issues and many more.  I also specialise in Women’s Health from Pregnancy to Fertility to the Menopause and everything in between e.g. painful or heavy periods, PMS, absence of periods, endometriosis, peri-menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, body aches, irritability, reduced libido etc. Fertility Reflexology is not just targeted towards women.  As both men and women have a part to play in conceiving a baby, any issues that sadly arise can be helped with both male and female Fertility Reflexology.

In 2018 I qualified as a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage practitioner which is an evidence based, award winning technique built on the same principles as Lymphatic Drainage Massage/Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). This ground breaking technique focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet using reflexology and has been proven to reduce swelling and improve quality of life in breast cancer sufferers with secondary lymphoedema.

All my treatments are tailored to the individual, depending on your personal health and goals. As reflexology is a holistic therapy, whilst I may focus on the main reflexes appropriate for your personal health concerns, each treatment will strive to bring the whole body back to its natural balance. Throughout the treatment you should feel relaxed and could even fall asleep. At the end of the session, I may offer you some home care advice if appropriate. First treatments include a health and lifestyle consultation which takes around 15 - 20 mins (except Fertility sessions where majority of the first session is the consultation). All information provided is kept in the strictest confidence.

I am fully insured and a member of Professional Reflexology organisation as well as the CNHC - the UK government backed voluntary regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners. I am able to provide a receipt for any Private Health Care or Health Cash Plans which may cover Reflexology Sessions.


  • Centralia Reflexology Level 5 Mastership   Nov 2015

    • Specialised training in Maternity/Pregnancy & Fertility and Sub-fertility

    • Specialised training in adapting reflexology in Palliative Care settings

    • Specialised training in Hand Reflexology

  • Hot Stones Reflexology  Nov 2015

  • Baby Reflex™ Workshops   Jun 2016

  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage   Feb 2018

  • Reflexology for Women's Health   Mar 2018

  • ReproReflexology Fertility Part 1  Sep 2019

  • ReproReflexology Fertility Part 2   Mar 2020

  • Reflexology for Stress   Apr 2021

For more information on me and my practice, please go to

Abi practises at the Haelan Clinic on the 4th Thursday of the month although appointments are also available outside of these hours. Call Abi for more information and to book an appointment on 07971 523 672.   You can also email her at


Charges are:

Reflexology for General Health, Pregnancy, Fertility, Women’s Health, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage:
1st appointment 75 mins: £75
All subsequent appointments 60 mins: £65

Reflexology Lymph Drainage including Measuring:
1st appointment 90 mins: £80
All subsequent appointments 75 mins: £70

Cash or Bank Transfer; no credit or debit cards. Bank transfer accepted prior to appointment only - please ask for bank details.

Cancellation policy

Whilst I do appreciate that emergencies crop up from time to time and appointments have to be cancelled, please be aware that I do reserve the right to charge in full per missed appointment with less than 24 hours notice and 50% if cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. 

This policy does not apply to those cancelling due to COVID-19 symptoms nor maternity clients who go into labour although a smaller room booking fee will still be charged if less than 24 hours’ notice.  Thank you for your understanding.

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