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Lizzie Davies



Lizzie is currently covering maternity leave for Lizzie Andrews until Sept 2023.

Lizzie certified as a STOTT PILATES® Matwork Teacher in May 2022, and her classes cover Beginner and Intermediate repertoire whilst incorporating light equipment. Lizzie makes her classes approachable and safe, so all abilities are welcome as there are always options with each exercise.

Lizzie is an ex-dancer and has used Pilates throughout her training and career. However, it wasn’t until an ACL injury that Lizzie really appreciated the power of Pilates and how it helped her make a speedy recovery. Her final decision to become a Pilates teacher came during 2020, where her performing work fell through the cracks. Pilates was something that made her feel physically and mentally better every day, so it made perfect sense to pursue it! Lizzie chose to train in STOTT PILATES® because it is a contemporary, anatomically based approach to Joseph Pilates' original exercise method. Lizzie strives to make her classes fun, educational and challenging as she wants you to feel better in your own body, whether your goal is to improve in fitness, or to improve day-to-day movement patterns.  

Join Lizzie’s 45 min classes on Monday evenings. Class 1 – 18:45-19:30 and Class 2 - 19:35-20:20 at Haelan Centre, Crouch End. £12 per class, or £55 for five classes. For enquiries, please email, or find Lizzie on Instagram @lizziedpilates. 

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