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Jacky Sayers

Sports Massage / Remedial Massage / Medical Acupuncture / Abdominal Massage Deep Tissue Massage / Digestive System Massage / Jaw Dysfunction Therapy

Pregnancy Massage / Scar Massage / Swedish Massage (Relaxation)

Pre-scheduled Appointments are currently available on the following days

Standard Availability: Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 2pm - 8pm  / Ad Hoc Availability Saturdays: 2pm - 7pm

Further details in relation to any of the above listed therapies are available via the Therapies page on Jacky’s Website.

Jacky originally qualified in Sports Massage, Sports Therapy, Sports Treatment and Holistic Swedish Massage in 2011. Since completing this core training she has continued to expand her knowledge and skills, and often uses a combination of the above therapies, in addition to incorporating Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) and Myofascial Release techniques, to ensure that every treatment provided is specifically tailored to suit each Client’s individual needs.

Jacky is passionate about easing her Clients out of discomfort and pain, and seeks to understand, relieve or resolve muscular tightness, dysfunction and restrictions in the body regardless of whether these issues have occurred due to sporting pursuits, working conditions, long term incorrect postural habits, stress, accident, injury, disease, chronic medical conditions, certain nerve related diseases or disorders, surgical procedures or changes in the body due to pregnancy. As well as providing all of the above listed therapies for more generalised concerns, many of Jacky's Clients have become long standing due to the depth and focus of muscular release she undertakes to help relieve, and where possible resolve, more complex musculoskeletal, neurological and neuromuscular based conditions. On this basis, targeted relief is offered for many such complex conditions, including those currently detailed on the Home page of Jacky's Website. 

Covid-19 specific information: Jacky continues to undertaking enhanced protocols to minimise potential risk of Covid transmission during all Appointments. Many of these protocols are modelled on the highest level specifications recommended for dentists providing treatment during the pandemic, and include the use of a respirator mask when providing treatment, medical grade Hepa air filtration in addition to ventilation within the treatment room and allowing gaps between all Appointments. 

Please ensure to read the Covid-19 Policy page on Jacky's Website in advance of requesting to schedule a Confirmed Appointment, as this details any legal, as well as medical, restrictions that currently apply to attending an Appointment with Jacky at present, in addition to the further details about the enhanced protocols currently being undertaken. 

To book an Appointment: 
All of Jacky's details can be found on the www.focusedtherapylondon.comWebsite. 
Please use the Appointment Booking Request form on this Website when you are ready to schedule your first Confirmed Appointment with Jacky; or, should you have any query in advance of doing so, please get in touch using Query form instead. 
Should the Focused Therapy London Website be temporarily unavailable for use, you can alternatively contact Jacky via email sent to instead, but please note where you do so and the Website remains available for use, you will only be redirected back to it in order to agree to Focused Therapy London's current Terms of Service and any relevant Policies by submitting the relevant Website contact form where you have not already done so previously. 

Covid-19 Policy: 
Please ensure you have read Jacky's current Covid-19 Policy in advance of requesting to scheduled any Confirmed Appointment, as certain medical restrictions apply to those attending an Appointment with Jacky at present. 

Jacky currently uses medical grade Hepa air filtration and a medical grade respirator mask when providing all Appointments, in addition to implementing 30 minute gaps between all Appointments for enhanced sterilisation protocols to be undertaken, in line with measures currently recommended for dentists to limit potential Covid transmission during Appointments. 

Appointment Costs: 
The following Appointment Costs are currently available at the Haelan Clinic:
Introductory Appointment 
1 Hour - £58.50 / 90 Minutes - £87.75 / 2 Hours - £117.00
Single Appointment 
1 Hour - £65.00 / 90 Minutes - £97.50 / 2 Hours - £130.00
Essential Key Worker Special Offer 
1 Hour - £50.00 / 90 Minutes - £75.00 / 2 Hours - £100.00 

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy 
Where any Confirmed Appointment; or, Requested Appointment which is in the process of being scheduled as a Confirmed Appointment, is not Cancelled or requested to be Rescheduled with 27 hours advanced notice, a fee will be charged as detailed within Jacky's Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy Summary.

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