Elena Moro

cert TASK and NAET

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Elena has always been very fascinated with holistic therapy since she was in her early 20s. She was constantly researching and experimenting different diet and lifestyle habits to achieve a new level of health. She believed that there was a better way to treat illness than pharmaceutical drugs.

After years of researching and a few short courses with CNM, Elena found her true passion, Kinesiology. Elena qualified as a practitioner with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in July 2021 and NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) in February 2022.

Elena uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate the body's functions in a structural, chemical, neurological, and biochemical realms.

Treatments involve checking for nutritional deficiencies, releasing trapped emotion and stresses, targeted lymphatic massage and energetic rebalancing using meridian and acupressure points. All sessions are fully clothed, try to wear something comfortable, not jeans.

Treatments are £95 First appointment is 2 hours, follow up appointments are 1.5 hours.

Kinesiology works best as a course of treatments and you would expect to have a minimum of 3-6 sessions, depending upon the reason for visit, severity and length of time you have had the problem. Each treatment usually shows 3 to 5 nutritional supplements (herbs, vitamins and minerals) that the body is showing it needs to restore balance and health.

The cost is not included in the treatment session. Elena can help with

  • –  anxiety, depression, fear and phobias

  • –  allergies, hayfever, food sensitivities

  • –  arthritis or joint pain

  • –  asthma and respiratory issue

  • –  chronic fatigue and thyroid problems

  • –  constipation, IBS, candida or thrush

  • –  digestive problems, bloating, indigestion

  • –  hormonal issue, PMS, menopause

  • –  low immune system

  • –  skin problem, acne, eczema, psoriasis

  • –  stress, worry, insomnia, nightmares

  • –  structural, postural, muscular issue

  • –  vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • –  weight management

For more information visit her website www.auctussalutem.com Elena practices at the Haelan Clinic on Wednesday and Thursday and every other Saturday. To make an appointment email auctussalutem@gmail.com