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Reflexology by Abi Brazil

Since ancient times, the feet have been seen as a gateway to healing the body. Modern Reflexology is a western technique that aims to promote health by stimulating pressure points on the feet.

Reflexologists believe that illness is a result of blockages in the flow of essential energy around the body. These blockages can follow times of stress, illness or injury and cause a state of imbalance in the body. Reflexology aims to release these blockages by stimulating reflex points on the feet using pressure massage with the hands, in a precise and systematic way. This assists the body in finding its natural equilibrium.

What to expect from a reflexology treatment?

Most people find reflexology very relaxing and say that it reduces their overall tension and improves their mood and sense of wellbeing. Each treatment lasts for one hour. You will sit on a treatment couch while I apply pressure to various pressure points on your feet. Each treatment is individual and tailored to you as a whole person, taking in to account both physical and non-physical factors that may be affecting your wellbeing.
For more information on me and my practice, please go to www.reflexologyroomlondon.co.uk

Abi Brazil practices Reflexology and Lymph Drainage Reflexology at the Haelan Clinic on the 4th Thursday of each month - other times are available upon request.

To book an appointment please ring Abi on 07971523672. Please note that 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or a fee may be charged.

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