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What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is an ancient form of oriental medicine dating back 5000 years to the beginning of acupuncture. It is a traditional Japanese healing art, which literally translated means finger pressure.

The Meridians
In Shiatsu the practitioner uses his/her own fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to press along meridian lines on the body. These meridian lines, which have been described as "channels of living magnetic energy in the body," pass though the body and connect he vital organs. Although named after the vital organs, the functions of the meridians are much wider and encompass the whole being, at he emotional, mental and physical level.

Balancing Energy
An imbalance in a person's vital energy may manifest itself as a back problem, a headache, a mental depression, or in many other ways. By working along the meridians the practitioner summons energy to the places most in need and disperses the energy from the areas where it is congested, thus restoring balance to the whole body.

How Can Shiatsu Help Me?
Shiatsu is primarily a preventative medicine which helps to maintain an individual's health, vitality and stamina. It also strengthens the vital organs and prevents energy from getting blocked in the body. Shiatsu can help in a wide range of disorders and chronic conditions including depression, migraine headache, backache and injuries and other stress related conditions.

What is Healing - Shiatsu?
Sonia Moriceau's extensive years of training and practice in both Zen Buddhism and Shiatsu have led her to create an approach called "Healing - Shiatsu." Healing - Shiatsu is a non intrusive from of healing: the practitioner's role lies in preparing the client physically and mentally so that a recovery can take place.

Treating the Whole Person
Through an understanding of the whole being - the breathing pattern, posture and mental attitude - practitioner and client reach to the true origin of the suffering, be it mental or physical.

Providing Self Help and Empowering the Client
Healing - Shiatsu asks the client little by little to take full responsibility for his/her own state of health. In addition to a shiatsu session the practitioner introduces, where relevant, a system of self-healing exercises aimed at working on certain areas of the body related to the condition of the individual. Through guidance and support the client learns how to be independent and self-reliant and can maintain a state of well-being throughout life.

Individual Session - What to expect
A Healing - Shiatsu session lasts from 40 to 60 minutes. The session is given with the client fully dressed, but preferably wearing loose fitting clothes of natural fibre to allow for movement. The client is asked to lie on a comfortable mat on the floor, although the practitioner will take account of any physical disabilities. Generally the practitioner works on the whole of the body. The session should not be painful, but if pain is felt the client should tell his/her practitioner at once. Self-help techniques may be discussed at the end of the session

After the Session
The client should then go home and rest for a couple of hours or at least should not engage in strenuous or stressful activities. The effect of a Healing - Shiatsu session may be felt immediately, or later on in the day. If strong reactions are being experienced at a later stage, the client should not hesitate to contact the practitioner who will be able to explain the reaction and make suggestion to help ease the discomfort felt.


Stephanie Harrington practices Shiatsu and Indian Head Massage at the Haelan Clinic.

For Clinic times, contact details and information about the Haelan Clinic practitioners see The Practitioners page .

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