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Food State Nutrition

Our unique nutritional supplement policy
The Haelan Centre is unique amongst health food stores in that we prioritise nutritional supplements that are specially prepared to be as similar to real food as is possible. Such supplements are known as Food State supplements. Nino, the former owner of the Haelan Centre, made the decision to do this as it is in accordance with the wholefood policies of the shop. An isolated chemical vitamin could never be described as a wholefood as it only contains an isolated component of real food. The following article is in regards to our two food state vitamin and mineral ranges - Nature's Own and MegaFoods. We also sell Floradix liquid vitamin and mineral supplements, which also contain real food yet involve a different manufacturing process.

Vitamin and mineral supplements containing whole food
A food state supplement is a nutritional preparation that contains food substances rather than just isolated chemical supplements such as ascorbic acid, otherwise known as vitamin C. For example, in the case of vitamin C, a food state supplement would contain ascorbic acid complexed with real orange; some also contain rosehip, acerola and green pepper (all vitamin C rich foods).

Food state nutrients are more bioavailable
In providing the basic nutrient along with foods that are rich in that nutrient, the supplement can supply all the micro-nutrients that the food contains, which help the body to absorb the main nutrient more effectively. The complexity of whole food, and the balance and content of micronutrients that it contains, cannot be matched by isolated extracts or fractions of food. In the case of vitamin C, research has shown that substances known as bioflavonoids protect and support the assimilation of vitamin C, they also have benefits in their own right. Bioflavonoids, and the many other lesser-known micronutrients, are not present most ordinary supplements. If they are present, they do not occur within the context of real food, and therefore may not be as bio-available. The higher bioavailability of vitamins and minerals in the food state form means that much lower doses of the nutrients are required to get beneficial effects. This means there is less wastage of nutrients and much less chance of excess fat-soluble nutrient build up.

Food state nutrients contain natural carbohydrates, proteins, fats, chelated amino acids as well as nutrients and their associated nutrient co-factors.

It is best to get vitamins and minerals from real food
The Haelan Centre, all good nutritionists and the food state nutrient manufacturers believe that it is always best to get your nutrients from real food. Unfortunately the foods available today are much lower in vitamin and minerals than the same foods were fifty years ago. We know this to be true, as studies were carried out to measure nutrient content of vegetables and fruits in 1936; the same measurements were taken again in 1987. In some cases nutrient levels have halved. This is largely due to the use of modern farming techniques, in particular the indiscriminate use of artificial fertilisers, which deplete the soil of mineral content.

Mimicking the complexity of real food

Photos from the DailyFoods® product guide

Food state nutrients not only contain real food, they also undergo a complex process, which makes the actual nutrient into a form that closely resembles real food. This process makes that nutrient much more bio-available, and therefore more readily absorbed by the body. The difference between a food state and a standard chemical nutrient can be seen clearly in these microscope images. The food state nutrient is clearly more complex than the crystalline form of the chemical nutrient. This complexity is akin to the complexity of real food.

Hypoallergenic and additive free
Food state nutrient companies care intensely about the quality of their products. They understand that people who need to take extra nutrients might also suffer from food sensitivities or intolerances. All food state products are guaranteed to be free from wheat; starch; gluten; milk products; flavourings; colourings; preservatives or sugars of any sort. All products are suitable for vegetarians; only those containing vitamin D are unsuitable for vegans.

Safe for those with yeast sensitivity
The food state minerals and B vitamins are created using yeast, as it is a food substance that is very rich in these nutrients. After the nutrient is fully chelated or incorporated by the yeast, it is killed using a natural enzymatic process. This means that the yeast no longer contains the allergenic long chain molecules and is thus harmless to people with yeast sensitivity. This has been proven by allergy clinics in the UK where the patients are whole yeast sensitive.

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